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Rally Committee (listed alphabetically)

  • Bill and Cris Bahret - Vendors and Sponsors
  • Mike and Paula Bandos - Routes
  • John Calhoun and Madelyn Zalon - Co-chairs, Merchandise, and Website
  • Jim and Betsy Chisholm - Marketing and Publicity
  • Don and Dolly Craft - Treasurers
  • Kent and Anne Ellis - Registration
  • Allen and JaneAnn Gifford - Saturday SAG Captains
  • Steve and Helen Kinsey - Local Support
  • Don and Chris Kirk - Route Support and Communications
  • Peter and Becky Louton - Monday Mountain Bike Ride
  • Jan and Sara Moorhead - CIBA Supply Managers
  • Jerry and Ellen Simon - Registration
  • Steve and Cindi Souers - Seminars
  • Shawn and Sandra Tresselt - Friday Special Events
  • Charlie and Diane Zaharako - Sunday SAG Captains and SAG food